Everything you need to know about our boats and charter rates but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Currently we have two boats in our fleet and the charter rates are set for minimum voyages and maximum occupancy. If you are looking for something outside of the scope of what’s listed here, we’re happy to chat about options however the charter rates are fixed as the minimum.

Boat Charter Rates

Little Drama

Bluewater Yacht Little Drama on the waters of Lake Travis.

Starting at $550 an hour with a 3hr minimum | Up to 15 Guest
(not including tax and Captain’s Fee)

Comfortable and impressive, there is no commercial vessel on Lake Travis like Little Drama. Perfect for sunset cruises, morning outings or anchoring up in a cove for a swim. Easily accommodates 15 people but also perfect for more intimate cruises. Well known on Lake Travis, Little Drama is perfect for proposals, weddings and team building events. We have a spacious fully furnished upper deck, where you can relax and enjoy your journey. We’ll provide the ice chest and all the ice. Or stash your food and drinks in our full size fridge below deck.

Other amenities include a bathroom and plenty of below deck space for those wishing to get out of the sun for a few minutes. This boat’s charter rate is set for 15 people but if your guests exceed that amount, call to chat about options.


  • Captain and Crew
  • Ice Chest
  • Ice
  • Full Fridge
  • Bathroom
  • Floating Noodles
  • 25 foot Floating Lily Pad
  • Emergency Life Jackets
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If you would like to book Little Drama for more guests or a date and time not listed please contact us at inquiry@stevenscharter.com.

The Goonie Ghost

Pirate ship Goonie Ghost on the waters of Lake Travis.

Starting at $450 an hour with a 2hr minimum | Up to 15 Guest
(not including tax and Captain’s Fee)

Come enjoy a sunset cruise on The Goonie Ghost, the only pirate ship sailing the waters of Lake Travis. This is a true sailing experience like no other. Sit, relax and enjoy a two hour sunset experience as our team tours you on the waters of Lake Travis, “firing” the canons at any ship not to your liking. If you feel inclined to dress in theme, we highly encourage it. This is a “bring your own feast” vessel. You bring the food and drinks, and we provide the ice and ice chest.


-The ideal length for a cruise on The Goonie Ghost is two hours.

-The Goonie Ghost is NOT an achorable vessel prohibiting her from being a swimmable boat. At present the only way to make her swimmable is to book her and her sister ship, Little Drama, for a party barge experience.

-Take a seat and lets sail! This is a real working ship and for your safety we ask that you sit, relax, enjoy a drink and a snack and let us do the work of privateering.

-This boat’s charter rate is for 15 people and is the maximum occupancy. Contact us for more details on larger groups.

What To Expect on Your Pirate Adventure

The Goonie Ghost is truly a sailing vessel. On board toward the stern (that’s the back of the boat for you land lovers) is a comfy seating for your guests and space for you to set up your snacks for your journey. Our crew will take you out on the lake, hunting down other boats and party barges and touring the many sites that Lake Travis has to offer. The oohs and aaaah from other lake goers is thrilling as the canyon fires. Truly, you will feel like a rockstar. Below deck we have space for those guests seeking a little break from the sun and more space for any additional provisions you might want to bring.

*For safety we do not currently offer swimming from The Goonie Ghost alone.

  • Ice Chest
  • Ice
  • Mini Fridges
  • Bathroom
  • Emergency Life Jackets

If you would like to book The Goonie Ghost for a date and time not listed please contact us at inquiry@stevenscharter.com.

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Both our boats come with a Captain and crew. Leave the work of boating to our skilled crew, you just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with none of the hassle. 

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