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VIP luxury yacht charters, it’s what we do. When you board our luxury yacht, Little Drama, we insure that your journey with us will be a whole new caliber experience. We love our party boat and pontoon cruises brethren, but we specialize in a higher end experience. Our 65′ Blue Water Yacht is on top notch condition. Our bright work gleams. And our crew is here to make sure your journey feels a step above you average sailing adventure.

A Family Business

Stevens Charter is a family owned and operated business located at VIP Marina on Lake Travis. For years, our family has been a part of the thriving boating community on the lake, and with that addition and reconstruction of our newest ship, we’ve decided to join the world of chartered cruises. 


Goonie Ghost has a long and colorful history of sailing the Caribbean during the 70s, 80s and 90s. Construction on the hull began in the 1950s in Portland, Oregon and from there a 20 year old carpenter spent the 60s building her into the a fully functioning ship. 

When finished, he took her to sea, sailing south in the Pacific Ocean, to and through the Panama Canal and into the Caribbean, where life was great for many years. His sea adventures ended with the Texas coastline where he sold her and returned home and back to work in Portland. He still lives there today and speaks fondly of his years in the Caribbean.

In the 1990s, Goonie Ghost made beautiful Lake Travis her home, enjoying the soft breezes of Austin, Texas for the last 30 years.

Recently, the Cherry Family purchased Goonie and moved her to VIP where they started working on repairs that will carry her through the next chapter of her long life on the water. Now she watches over the cove of Volente, looking for wet fun in the sun on the beach.  

Very grateful for all the support in this wonderful project so far, and thankful for what is coming our way in the future. 

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Blue Water Luxury Yacht, Little Drama cruising the waters of Lake Travis.
Little Drama cruising the waters of Lake Travis.
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